Longer is always better…

Get your mind out of the gutter!!
I’m talking about cardiovascular training!

So is longer always better?? Some people say yes some people say no…

Well let me explain, by longer I mean, your typical cardio training e.g. Going for a jog around the block for 30-60min, at about the same pace, keeping your heart rate at a steady state. For example: go to the gym do 20min on the treadmill, 10min on the bike,10min on the rower, and maybe some push ups and sit ups. Sound familiar?

Or is shorter better?? Let me explain…. High Intensity Interval Training (or H.I.I.T.) is where you change your speed, heart rate, distances and rest periods. H.I.I.T. Is all about spiking your heart rate above normal levels almost to your maximum, then having a rest, and doing it all over again. For example: sprint at 100% effort for 30 sec then have 30sec rest. And repeat for a certain amount of time or reps.

It is thought and I believe that high intensity training, burns more calories in the same time as doing longer lower intensity cardio training. Therefore if you jog for 20min at the same pace, you will burn less calories than if you did intervals or H.I.I.T. For the same time. I have used this type of training with my own clients and it has produced some amazing results!

The other huge benefit of H.I.I.T. Is that your body keeps burning calories up to 36hrs after you finish the workout. Whereas when you do the lower intensity training, your body stops burning calories not long after you finish.

So not only do you burn more calories during a workout but by doing H.I.I.T. Your body keeps burning calories for you even whilst you sleep! How awesome is that!! It also means that if your time poor, (kids, work, etc) you can do a quick 20-30min interval session and burn a butt load of calories and then have enough time to do everything else for the day!

This kind of training will also cause your fitness to sky rocket! Because there is a lot more physiological stress on the body, it means that your body needs to adapt to the training a lot quicker, therefore causing it to improve at a much faster rate!!

So what would you rather do 60min of long boring cardio?? or….a 20-30min high intensity, exciting and fun workout??
I know what I’d rather do!!

So where do I start you ask!!

Well below I have 2 awesome interval workouts, which I usually offer only to my elite results program clients! But because my clients have been getting such great results using them I had to share it! these workouts can be used with just about anything (running, rowing, swimming, cycling).

Please post your comments And let me know how you go with them!

Enjoy 🙂


Warm Up
5min Jog and dynamic stretch (back rolls, swing legs, alternating calf stretch)

2 x 90sec ​4 x 60sec ​6 x 30sec ​
8 x15sec ​2 x 30sec ​2 x 60sec ​
2 x 90sec

Walk recovery between efforts (always on the move) – 1:1 Work:Rest Ratio
Therefore if you work for 90sec you walk recover for 90sec.


5min warm up moderate intensity.

-30sec standing sprint (high Intensity) (moderate resistance)
-30sec seated recovery (low-Moderate intensity)
Repeat for 5min

1min seated slow pedal recovery.

20sec hard sprint (moderate resistance)
10sec slow recovery (same resistance) Repeat for 3min

1min slow pedal recovery

(no rest between the next set of efforts

10sec Sprint
10sec slow recovery 1min

20sec sprint
10sec slow recovery 1min

30sec sprint
10sec slow x 2

40sec Sprint
10sec slow x 2

50sec Sprint
10sec Slow x1

5min Slow Warm Down

If there is more time you can do: ​
20sec Sprint
10sec Complete stop
All Standing x 5min

Then cool down.

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  1. Good one Brad. HIIT training is the way forward.. I still reckon it’s worth chucking in one longer, slower, almost recovery cardio session a week to compliment. Have you done tabata? Vikki

    • Hey Vikki!
      Firstly thank you for your comment! and I completely agree! you still need to do some endurance training! and for people training for specific events, HIIT training may not be suitable, But in terms of weightloss and general fitness this type of training should be the basis of your cardio training, to acheive maximal results!
      and yes I have heard of Tabata…….ouch! but a great functional way of training!

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