Who’s Choice Is It Anyway??

Ok… I will apologize now for babbling, but I need to get this off my chest!

Today’s post is all about choices, we make choices everyday, what clothes to wear, what food to eat, what car to drive, what job we have, how much we earn! Some people take responsibility for these choices and some people choose to be a ‘victim’ of there circumstance!

You may agree with what I’m saying or you may not, either way I hope you get something out of this. But at the end of the day i believe everything is a choice…. Everything!

So this week did you exercise as many times as you set out?…. “I was busy, worked late, I was tired”. …. Your choice!

Did you stick to your food plan? “I forgot to organize my lunches, was really busy had to get something convenient, had lots of meetings at work, had friends over”….
Your choice!

“I don’t want to track my food to get my ratio’s right to ensure my weightloss, it’s to time consuming, to hard, I will just wing it!”….Your choice!

“It was cold this morning and I couldn’t get out of bed, slept in, forgot to set the alarm, wasn’t feeling the best”. Another choice

“I can’t afford to go to the gym, I don’t like gyms or exercise” whatever it is…. It’s another choice!

You can think I’m being unreasonable or inconsiderate but every time you say “ok tomorrow I will exercise”, “ok next week I will…”
Your making a choice about your health your diet and you lifestyle.

You can continue to not take responsibility for your choices, and let your situation control you. And then continue to stay at home every night and not go out because you feel shit about yourself, have no friends or have no ‘going out clothes’ because there all too small, and then sit in front of the TV eating a tub of ice-cream watching the Saturday night movie. Feel better for the night then wake up the next day feeling shit about yourself, and guilty for what you ate/drank the night before to do it all over again!


You can take responsibility for your choices and take control of your situation and stop being a victim!
Set your alarm to get up an hour earlier to get your exercise done before you start your day. Feel great because your pumped full of ‘feel good’ hormones! Have breakfast because you have made time, giving you tonnes of energy, so your not falling asleep at your desk at 3pm!  Had an awesome lunch you planned the day before, Then get home have a healthy dinner because you don’t want to ruin your efforts from training, to go to bed feeling great about yourself knowing your one day closer to your goal, and to do it all over again!

I know which situation I would prefer! Although I am referring to weightloss and health, this can apply to any aspect of your life, for example your job. 80% of people (yes I just made that stat up) get up everyday to go to a job they’re not happy with! So…. Are you making a choice?? Yes we all need money to live pay bills eat etc etc, but you can make a choice to quit (yes you may struggle financially in the short term) find another job, or start something that you enjoy and that makes you happy. It is known that people who are happy are more productive, make more money and are more successful (no i didn’t make that up).

So if you exercised each day, fueled your body with good healthy food, and focused on the positives of your day.
Do you think you might start liking that person in the mirror, go out more, be more successful because your full of confidence and energy, be able to spend more quality time with your family because you can keep up with them and add more years to your life???

I see clients everyday with all of the above excuses, and justifications for their choices. But it’s the ones who take responsibility, suck it up and do the work who get the results

See my client Sam who is a perfect example of this. She a working Mum who had a goal 10weeks ago to lose 10kg by the time she goes to Bali on Tuesday, she has lost nearly 12kg! Well Done Sam! Enjoy your holiday, you deserve it!

Ok so I had my rant and I’m glad to get that off my chest, I hope this helps you make better choices!

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