My 10 Tips To Recovery

Wether you play sport at an elite level, a fitness freak or just a casual gym user, recovery is one of the most important things for optimal performance and results.

I play Aussie rules football and each week I adopt many of these practises because I want to get my body k to 100% as quick as possible, ready for the next game!

Here are my best tips for recovery.

1. Rehydrated

During exercise you can lose up to 1-2% of your bodyweight in sweat, this can decrease perfromance, therfore it is super importan to rehydrate your body to avoid cell damage, tissue breakdown, heat stroke and dehydration.

2. Ice-baths or hot & cold showers

Ice baths or hot & cold therapy, is thought to:

  • Constrict and expand blodd vessels and flush waste products like lactic acid out of the effected tissues
  • Decrease metabolic activity and slow down physiological processes
  • Reduce swelling and tissue breakdown
  • Reduce muscle sorenes

Try  this: 60 sec in cold followed 60 sec in hot (bareable) for 10 min

3. Foam Roller

A foam roller is like a self massage, just roll back and forth on all those tight spots. see this video for more info.  it improves the quality of your muscles and connective tissue.

4. Supplementation

Supplements such as protein and carbohydrates can help refuel the body and repair damaged tissue. CLICK HERE to get a great discount on good quality protein. there is also plenty information.

5.  Post Exercise Stretching

Stretching may not reduce soreness, but stretching from head to toe post exercise can help with your flexibility, and that’s a good thing for improving performance and reducing injury risk.

6. Walking or light exercise

Immediately post exercise an active recovery for 5-10min will reduce the lactic acid build up in your muscles.

the day after a vigorous training session it can be beneficial for recovery and to reduce muscle soreness to do 30min of light exercise. e.g. walking, cycling, swimming to get the blood pumping to the muscles and flushing out those waste products. This can also help reduce stiffness.

7. Sleep, Relaxation & Meditation

Psychological recovery methods aim to disengage you from the performance as well as giving the body time to recover. This can also reduce anxiety and stress about the performance or future performance.

8. Post Exercise Nutrition

Getting a meal full of vitamins, minerals, protein, carbs, and some fats within 30-60min after a hard bout of exercise will help replenish depleted energy stores, help repair damaged tissue and get your body ready for the next hard session. But for peole trying to lose weight we need to be careful of over compensating the calories that were burnt during training.

9. Massage

A light massage after a hard training session can help with the removal of waste products and reduce soreness.

10. Elevation

Elevation of your legs after training, really helps reduce fluid build up. Combine this with cold therapy for maximum results.


And That’s all she wrote!!

Let me know if this was helpful or just a load of crap?? would love to hear your thoughts.


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