I’m Stuck!! and I need some motivation

Are you no longer improving from your current program? Have you been getting bored? going to the gym less? or have you started to gain weight or lose fitness? and your still training 3 times a week?

Well you are probably experiencing a training plateau!

I’m writing this post today because I have hit one myself! YUP! Me the personal trainer! I have felt un-motivated, put on probably 2 kilo’s, lost some fitness and generally feeling flat. Yes that’s right it can happen to anyone!

So what do we do?

Run around with your shirt over your head, pants down and slap yourself on the head while screaming “the worlds ending!” No! that doesn’t work….

The human body is an amazing thing, it can adapt to just about anything! so to avoid training plateau’s we need to constantly shock our bodies. You can’t expect to go for the same run, or do the same gym workout 3 times per week and expect to look like a super model! Your body will get used to the training and stop improving, you need to push yourself a little more each time!

Try mixing up your training with bodyweight sessions, high intensity interval training, and new and challenging exercises and routines (within your experience and ability).

I’m going to begin tomorrow with a new training regime which will include lots of bodyweight training, intervals and circuits. I have also re-assessed my goals and set new targets.

If you want to spice up your……….training and get that body you have always dreamed about! then try one of my bodyweight programs for FREE!! I usually charge up to $37 per month for access to these amazing money back ,results guaranteed, no equipment programs, buuut! because I think you’re so awesome and because I want to help YOU achieve your goals, and because YOU are important to me! You can have this one for nothing! just click on the get access button to the right!

Keep working hard because everyday, you’re a step closer to that body you want!

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