Something to think about

This is what I have on my bathroom window, along with my goals which are stuck on the shower screen! It’s all about having it in the front of your mind!

The power of the subconscious mind is unbelievable!

Try this: write out your goals on a piece of paper, make sure they are measurable, realistic, and give it a time frame!

E.g. I want to have 50 boot camp members in 12 weeks (…date.)

In 12 weeks time I want to be working only 30 hours per week!

Just seeing this everyday will make a huge difference in your energy and motivation levels, but it will give you a feeling of purpose and focus for what you are doing!

Let me know what you think.



Getting Back To Basics

I just saw another ad for an Ab Machine, these adverts make me laugh.

How can a middle-aged man who is clearly obese, turn into an absolutely ripped, tanned younger looking guy by doing only  3 min each day on this machine?? Digital enhancement…. that’s about the only way!

But some people  still by these things, use them for a month or two, realise they don’t work and then stuff them in the garage with last year’s impulse buy which they hoped would fix their ever increasing waistline.

There is no magic pill or Ab swing pro in the world alone that will make you trim, toned and fit! But there is a solution.

All you need is 3 ingredients:

1) Good Nutrition

– Stay away from processed foods, takeaway, high fat foods and alcohol

– Eat clean foods, by that I mean fresh, natural healthy food

– eat every few hours to keep your metabolism firing

– And go easy on the calories, don’t eat too much

See my Performance Nutrition Tips to get the best results possible!

2) Weight Training

– You need to engage in strength training at least twice a week. This will boost your metabolism and help you burn more fat while you’re at rest.

– Click the link on the side of this page —> to receive a FREE bodyweight program and begin building sexy lean muscle today!

3) High Intensity Training

– You need to push yourself at least 2-3 times per week

– Don’t just jog around the block or on the treadmill for 20-30min, push yourself and spike your heart rate with some high intensity training

– Read my “Longer is Always Better” post to learn more about high intensity training


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Just Because You’re Awesome!


I hope your having a splendid day!

I just wanted to say how awesome I think you are!


I believe in YOU!

YOU CAN do ANYTHING you put your mind to!

You deserve the body you want!

You are IMPORTANT to me!!

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Enjoy 🙂

Longer is always better…

Get your mind out of the gutter!!
I’m talking about cardiovascular training!

So is longer always better?? Some people say yes some people say no…

Well let me explain, by longer I mean, your typical cardio training e.g. Going for a jog around the block for 30-60min, at about the same pace, keeping your heart rate at a steady state. For example: go to the gym do 20min on the treadmill, 10min on the bike,10min on the rower, and maybe some push ups and sit ups. Sound familiar?

Or is shorter better?? Let me explain…. High Intensity Interval Training (or H.I.I.T.) is where you change your speed, heart rate, distances and rest periods. H.I.I.T. Is all about spiking your heart rate above normal levels almost to your maximum, then having a rest, and doing it all over again. For example: sprint at 100% effort for 30 sec then have 30sec rest. And repeat for a certain amount of time or reps.

It is thought and I believe that high intensity training, burns more calories in the same time as doing longer lower intensity cardio training. Therefore if you jog for 20min at the same pace, you will burn less calories than if you did intervals or H.I.I.T. For the same time. I have used this type of training with my own clients and it has produced some amazing results!

The other huge benefit of H.I.I.T. Is that your body keeps burning calories up to 36hrs after you finish the workout. Whereas when you do the lower intensity training, your body stops burning calories not long after you finish.

So not only do you burn more calories during a workout but by doing H.I.I.T. Your body keeps burning calories for you even whilst you sleep! How awesome is that!! It also means that if your time poor, (kids, work, etc) you can do a quick 20-30min interval session and burn a butt load of calories and then have enough time to do everything else for the day!

This kind of training will also cause your fitness to sky rocket! Because there is a lot more physiological stress on the body, it means that your body needs to adapt to the training a lot quicker, therefore causing it to improve at a much faster rate!!

So what would you rather do 60min of long boring cardio?? or….a 20-30min high intensity, exciting and fun workout??
I know what I’d rather do!!

So where do I start you ask!!

Well below I have 2 awesome interval workouts, which I usually offer only to my elite results program clients! But because my clients have been getting such great results using them I had to share it! these workouts can be used with just about anything (running, rowing, swimming, cycling).

Please post your comments And let me know how you go with them!

Enjoy 🙂


Warm Up
5min Jog and dynamic stretch (back rolls, swing legs, alternating calf stretch)

2 x 90sec ​4 x 60sec ​6 x 30sec ​
8 x15sec ​2 x 30sec ​2 x 60sec ​
2 x 90sec

Walk recovery between efforts (always on the move) – 1:1 Work:Rest Ratio
Therefore if you work for 90sec you walk recover for 90sec.


5min warm up moderate intensity.

-30sec standing sprint (high Intensity) (moderate resistance)
-30sec seated recovery (low-Moderate intensity)
Repeat for 5min

1min seated slow pedal recovery.

20sec hard sprint (moderate resistance)
10sec slow recovery (same resistance) Repeat for 3min

1min slow pedal recovery

(no rest between the next set of efforts

10sec Sprint
10sec slow recovery 1min

20sec sprint
10sec slow recovery 1min

30sec sprint
10sec slow x 2

40sec Sprint
10sec slow x 2

50sec Sprint
10sec Slow x1

5min Slow Warm Down

If there is more time you can do: ​
20sec Sprint
10sec Complete stop
All Standing x 5min

Then cool down.

Who’s Choice Is It Anyway??

Ok… I will apologize now for babbling, but I need to get this off my chest!

Today’s post is all about choices, we make choices everyday, what clothes to wear, what food to eat, what car to drive, what job we have, how much we earn! Some people take responsibility for these choices and some people choose to be a ‘victim’ of there circumstance!

You may agree with what I’m saying or you may not, either way I hope you get something out of this. But at the end of the day i believe everything is a choice…. Everything!

So this week did you exercise as many times as you set out?…. “I was busy, worked late, I was tired”. …. Your choice!

Did you stick to your food plan? “I forgot to organize my lunches, was really busy had to get something convenient, had lots of meetings at work, had friends over”….
Your choice!

“I don’t want to track my food to get my ratio’s right to ensure my weightloss, it’s to time consuming, to hard, I will just wing it!”….Your choice!

“It was cold this morning and I couldn’t get out of bed, slept in, forgot to set the alarm, wasn’t feeling the best”. Another choice

“I can’t afford to go to the gym, I don’t like gyms or exercise” whatever it is…. It’s another choice!

You can think I’m being unreasonable or inconsiderate but every time you say “ok tomorrow I will exercise”, “ok next week I will…”
Your making a choice about your health your diet and you lifestyle.

You can continue to not take responsibility for your choices, and let your situation control you. And then continue to stay at home every night and not go out because you feel shit about yourself, have no friends or have no ‘going out clothes’ because there all too small, and then sit in front of the TV eating a tub of ice-cream watching the Saturday night movie. Feel better for the night then wake up the next day feeling shit about yourself, and guilty for what you ate/drank the night before to do it all over again!


You can take responsibility for your choices and take control of your situation and stop being a victim!
Set your alarm to get up an hour earlier to get your exercise done before you start your day. Feel great because your pumped full of ‘feel good’ hormones! Have breakfast because you have made time, giving you tonnes of energy, so your not falling asleep at your desk at 3pm!  Had an awesome lunch you planned the day before, Then get home have a healthy dinner because you don’t want to ruin your efforts from training, to go to bed feeling great about yourself knowing your one day closer to your goal, and to do it all over again!

I know which situation I would prefer! Although I am referring to weightloss and health, this can apply to any aspect of your life, for example your job. 80% of people (yes I just made that stat up) get up everyday to go to a job they’re not happy with! So…. Are you making a choice?? Yes we all need money to live pay bills eat etc etc, but you can make a choice to quit (yes you may struggle financially in the short term) find another job, or start something that you enjoy and that makes you happy. It is known that people who are happy are more productive, make more money and are more successful (no i didn’t make that up).

So if you exercised each day, fueled your body with good healthy food, and focused on the positives of your day.
Do you think you might start liking that person in the mirror, go out more, be more successful because your full of confidence and energy, be able to spend more quality time with your family because you can keep up with them and add more years to your life???

I see clients everyday with all of the above excuses, and justifications for their choices. But it’s the ones who take responsibility, suck it up and do the work who get the results

See my client Sam who is a perfect example of this. She a working Mum who had a goal 10weeks ago to lose 10kg by the time she goes to Bali on Tuesday, she has lost nearly 12kg! Well Done Sam! Enjoy your holiday, you deserve it!

Ok so I had my rant and I’m glad to get that off my chest, I hope this helps you make better choices!

I’m Stuck!! and I need some motivation

Are you no longer improving from your current program? Have you been getting bored? going to the gym less? or have you started to gain weight or lose fitness? and your still training 3 times a week?

Well you are probably experiencing a training plateau!

I’m writing this post today because I have hit one myself! YUP! Me the personal trainer! I have felt un-motivated, put on probably 2 kilo’s, lost some fitness and generally feeling flat. Yes that’s right it can happen to anyone!

So what do we do?

Run around with your shirt over your head, pants down and slap yourself on the head while screaming “the worlds ending!” No! that doesn’t work….

The human body is an amazing thing, it can adapt to just about anything! so to avoid training plateau’s we need to constantly shock our bodies. You can’t expect to go for the same run, or do the same gym workout 3 times per week and expect to look like a super model! Your body will get used to the training and stop improving, you need to push yourself a little more each time!

Try mixing up your training with bodyweight sessions, high intensity interval training, and new and challenging exercises and routines (within your experience and ability).

I’m going to begin tomorrow with a new training regime which will include lots of bodyweight training, intervals and circuits. I have also re-assessed my goals and set new targets.

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Keep working hard because everyday, you’re a step closer to that body you want!

My 10 Tips To Recovery

Wether you play sport at an elite level, a fitness freak or just a casual gym user, recovery is one of the most important things for optimal performance and results.

I play Aussie rules football and each week I adopt many of these practises because I want to get my body k to 100% as quick as possible, ready for the next game!

Here are my best tips for recovery.

1. Rehydrated

During exercise you can lose up to 1-2% of your bodyweight in sweat, this can decrease perfromance, therfore it is super importan to rehydrate your body to avoid cell damage, tissue breakdown, heat stroke and dehydration.

2. Ice-baths or hot & cold showers

Ice baths or hot & cold therapy, is thought to:

  • Constrict and expand blodd vessels and flush waste products like lactic acid out of the effected tissues
  • Decrease metabolic activity and slow down physiological processes
  • Reduce swelling and tissue breakdown
  • Reduce muscle sorenes

Try  this: 60 sec in cold followed 60 sec in hot (bareable) for 10 min

3. Foam Roller

A foam roller is like a self massage, just roll back and forth on all those tight spots. see this video for more info.  it improves the quality of your muscles and connective tissue.

4. Supplementation

Supplements such as protein and carbohydrates can help refuel the body and repair damaged tissue. CLICK HERE to get a great discount on good quality protein. there is also plenty information.

5.  Post Exercise Stretching

Stretching may not reduce soreness, but stretching from head to toe post exercise can help with your flexibility, and that’s a good thing for improving performance and reducing injury risk.

6. Walking or light exercise

Immediately post exercise an active recovery for 5-10min will reduce the lactic acid build up in your muscles.

the day after a vigorous training session it can be beneficial for recovery and to reduce muscle soreness to do 30min of light exercise. e.g. walking, cycling, swimming to get the blood pumping to the muscles and flushing out those waste products. This can also help reduce stiffness.

7. Sleep, Relaxation & Meditation

Psychological recovery methods aim to disengage you from the performance as well as giving the body time to recover. This can also reduce anxiety and stress about the performance or future performance.

8. Post Exercise Nutrition

Getting a meal full of vitamins, minerals, protein, carbs, and some fats within 30-60min after a hard bout of exercise will help replenish depleted energy stores, help repair damaged tissue and get your body ready for the next hard session. But for peole trying to lose weight we need to be careful of over compensating the calories that were burnt during training.

9. Massage

A light massage after a hard training session can help with the removal of waste products and reduce soreness.

10. Elevation

Elevation of your legs after training, really helps reduce fluid build up. Combine this with cold therapy for maximum results.


And That’s all she wrote!!

Let me know if this was helpful or just a load of crap?? would love to hear your thoughts.